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Womxn together, fighting the pain.

We are a community of Endo-fighters and medical experts sharing health insights and experiences to feel better.

Community meets Data:
Endo experiences to learn from

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Create Endo Profile

Join the community & create your health profile. See your disease history, your symptoms, diagnosis & treatments visualized in your Endo Profile.

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Learn from others

We are building the biggest data set of Endo experiences. Read through treatment reviews, explore profiles from other Endo-Fighters, and connect with people on a similar journey.

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Connect with Experts

For bigger health questions or second opinions, book an online consultation with a certified and Community-approved Endometriosis expert.

Without long waiting time.

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Our Endo Heros

Endo Experts who listen, care and respect.

Recommended by other Endo-fighters.

Anabel Frye

Warendorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Gyn Klinik

Anna Jung


Personal Coach

Anne Schwiebus & Dr. med. Jasmin Groß

Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz

Gyn Praxis

Every Endo story is unique and worth telling. First to yourself, then to the world. See your disease history visualized in an Endo Journey. Have all your symptoms, diagnosis & treatments in one view. Contribute to the biggest Endo experience database and help close the gender data gap.

Your Endo Profile

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Browse through the profiles of Endo-fighters on a similar journey. See who has the most symptoms in common with you - and how they are doing. Find others with the same diagnosis and read their story.

We are here to learn from each other.

400 Community Profiles

Our Community members have tried over 80 different Endo treatments to manage their symptoms. For each, they have rated how it has helped them. Read through the reviews and find the latest research for each treatment.

1200+ Treatment Reviews

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My Endo profile visualizes my journey and makes it more present. What I already went through, that my pain is valid and all that I already overcame. I'm more prepared for seeing my doctor, knowing I will not forget important facts.

Dakira - ★★★★★

Deliha - ★★★★★

I always felt like the weird one, not having the typical Endo symptoms. Now I found 3 women with exactly the same symptoms & diagnosis! Reading their profile felt like reading my own story. I feel validated and I am not alone anymore. 

Julis - ★★★★★

My pain came back after surgery, my doctor mentioned complementary medicine helps for some. I did not know where to start. Love about FemXX that I can read through reviews from other Endo girls and helpful articles, helped so much! 

Image by Ian Schneider

Working on a female health revolution

Womxn are structurally underrepresented in our health system and diseases that affect womxn are systematically under-researched. It is time to fill the gap and end the pain.

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