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We are Dana & Luise, two tech experts with a passion for feminist healthcare.

We believe in science and the power of tech for social change. It is time for a revolution of the health care for womxn, and we want to start with Endometriosis.


Let's fill the health gender gap with structured health outcomes provided by patients worldwide.

Why we do it

Our Story

The story of FemXX is a very personal founder story. Since the age of 15 years, Dana had been struggling with extreme pain, fainting and sickness during her periods. Only a few years back she was finally diagnosed through a surgery: Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. A difficult pregnancy due to the disease forced her into a long maternity break and gave her time to think about what really matters to her. She decided to put her extensive experience in digital product development in service of fellow Endo-Fighters.

Dana joined a program of the early start-up investor Entrepreneur First to find a co-founder who could help her put her idea into action. There she met Luise, an experienced business leader with just the right ambition and skillset: The Tech-for-Good enthusiast with experience in building love brands and online communities immediately shared the same values and vision and together they founded FemXX in 2022. 


They are supported by exceptional medical advisors specialized in Endometriosis as well as talented supporters from all backgrounds.

FemXX Fighters


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About Us

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