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Welcome to Planet Endo

You're suffering from Endometriosis and are new to this strange "planet"? We are here for you!

With tips & reviews from Endometriosis-Fighters about treatments, experts & more

Do I have Endometriosis? For millions of people, this is a pretty scary question on their minds. Some seek the diagnosis to finally have clarity, while others are afraid to find out. 

Clarity is only offered by surgery. Here you can learn more about laparoscopy and what the different diagnoses mean.

Endo Diagnosis

Image by Ugo Mendes Donelli
Image by Diana Polekhina

There is still not enough research on Endometriosis surgeries and hormones. If you look further to nutrition, manual therapy and supplements, we know even less.

That is why we have asked our Community members, who have tried over 80 different Endo treatments to manage their symptoms. For each, they have rated how it has helped them. Read through the reviews and find more information for each treatment.


It is hard to trust someone if you have been gaslit for your pain. We get it. That's why we collected our "Endo Heros" - experts who listen, care and respect. 


Browse and filter through recommendations by other Endo-Fighters for gynecologists, clinics, yoga teachers, osteopathologists, self-help-groups and more! 

Endo Heros

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Image by Ian Schneider

You are
not alone!

Womxn are structurally underrepresented in our health system and diseases that affect womxn are systematically under-researched. But we are many. 

We have collected experiences from over 500 Endo-Fighters in 2022 and 2023 and share their insights to help everyone get a quicker overview once diagnosed. 

Endo Resource

Useful stuff we wish someone would have told us earlier

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