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Useful Apps for Endo-Fighters

Endometriosis is a full-body experience - many patients have a long list of symptoms they are managing each month. Fortunately, there are great people out there who try to build meaningful solutions for different challenges.

Meet our friends & partners who might be able to help you manage some of your symptoms, to help reduce the burden:

CYCLIO - coming soon

menstrual-related symptoms

The cyclio app offers a program personalized to individual needs with the help of approaches from complementary medicine. Users are prepared for their period with concrete exercises and tips to enable a relaxed time during menstruation, medication-free.

Accelerated access is available for FemXX users at the launch of the app (from April 23). Learn more


Menstruation pain & PMS

Hormonella fights the battle against menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. Their mission: to enable you to reach your full potential in every phase of your cycle. They do so with a hormonal check-up and natural medicine. Learn more


Hormonal Acne & Skincare App

SkinTheory is a smart digital companion that helps you get rid of acne. It can help womxn suffering from hormonal acne to understand the link between their cycle and skin health.

You can run personalized experiments with your skincare until you find the best routine for you.

The app is free, with optional paid features.


Endometriosis symptoms

The Endo App supports you in tracking your symptoms & treatments and analyzes which exercises help you the most. You can learn strategies to manage your Endo through multimodal exercise modules. The App is free within the German insurance system.


More coming soon!

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