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Progestogens pills / Dienogests, e.g. Visanne®



About this Treatment

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Progestin (= progesterone) is a female sex hormone. Dienogest, sold under the brand name Visanne among others, is a progestin medication which is used in birth control pills and in the treatment of endometriosis. It is also used in menopausal hormone therapy and to treat heavy periods. Dienogest is available both alone and in combination with estrogens.

Hormones and Endo: When symptoms such as pain and cramping are prominent, hormones may be considered for the treatment of endometriosis. Since endometriosis foci enlarge and shrink in a hormone-dependent manner, they can be influenced by hormones just like menstruation. 

However, if a person wants to become pregnant, hormonal treatments are not suitable. 

Dienogest is the only progestogen drug that has been officially approved for endometriosis therapy. The reason: Dienogest has been shown in studies to improve endometriosis symptoms and even reduce endometriosis lesions and neoplasms.

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