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Physio for soul - Antonia Coleman


Physiotherapie barmbek-nord


Physiotherapy is a form of specific training and manual therapy aimed primarily at restoring, improving or maintaining the body's ability to move. It includes both active and passive forms of therapy. In active therapy, the movements are performed by the patient, while passive therapy is performed by the therapist, e.g. in the form of massages (see Massages).

Movement is life. However, a condition of permanent or regular endo cramps and pain can lead to a change in the perception of pain and a loss of pleasure in movement. We become more immobile and sometimes adopt unhealthy postures. Physical therapy can help to release movement restrictions. Physiotherapists should take a lot of time, listen well and help the patient to better understand the pain with a lot of time and empathy.

FemXX Note: Exercise in spite of pain is a big challenge. Many Endo fighters report that some days they just want to lie down and rest. Take your time, don't put pressure on yourself. Then, during pain-free times, you can pay more attention to your pelvic and back mobility again.

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