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Die Wahl des Therapieweges in der Endometriosebehandlung ist immer eine individuelle Entscheidung.
Das Ziel der operativen Therapie ist in der Regel die vollständige Entfernung aller Endometrioseherde.

Operative Therapie bei Endometriose


inklusive: Erfahrungsbericht zur Laparoskopie von Claudia

Therapien und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten - Operative Methoden


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Ovary removal (oophorectomy, ovariectomy) is the surgical removal of one or both ovaries. It is performed due to diseases such as tumors or ovarian cysts, or to reduce hormone production.

When one ovary is removed, the other ovary takes over the production of hormones and usually there are no symptoms for the affected women. However, if oophorectomy of both ovaries is performed, then the production of hormones is severely disrupted and menopause is abruptly induced. 

Ovary removal is not part of the regular surgical treatment for endometriosis (see laparoscopy instead). However, in rare cases it will be used as part of the removal of the uterus (see hysterectomy) for endometriosis treatment when both uterus and ovaries are severely affected and other forms of therapy are not sufficient.

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