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During a hysterectomy, all or part of the uterus is removed. This is to relieve problems caused by disease or injury to the uterus, including fibroids, tumors or pregnancy injuries. Uterus removal is an invasive surgery, so it is usually considered only when other treatments are failing. 

Adenomyosis, i.e. endometriosis lesions in the uterine wall, cannot be treated with a classic laparoscopy. If the level of suffering becomes too high and cannot be managed with medication, a hysterectomy can be considered. However, this is only possible if there is no desire to have children in the future and the risks of such the procedure have been well weighed. Depending on the effect of Endometriosis on the ovaries, these are either removed as well, or preserved to maintain hormone production (see Oophorectomy). 

In a specialized endometriosis center, the advantages and disadvantages can be weighed together with the experts and the possibility of treating the uterine walls without removing the uterus can be discussed.

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