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Golden Milk (turmeric/curcuma drink)



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Dem leuchtend gelben Kurkuma-Getränk „Goldene Milch“ werden heilende Wirkungen nachgesagt. Hier erfährst du, wie du die Goldene Milch herstellst und wie gesund sie ist.

Goldene Milch: Einfaches Rezept für das gesunde Kurkuma-Getränk


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Golden milk or "turmeric latte" is a vegan drink made from vegetable milk, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon. It is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and contribute to general well-being. Turmeric is said to help with joint pain, inflammation, liver problems or respiratory conditions. Cinnamon and ginger are said to have a positive effect on our heart. 

How healthy golden milk really is cannot be answered at present. However, initial studies indicate that the drink can certainly have positive effects on the body. Endo fighters in particular report its beneficial effects on their "Endo belly". 

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