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GnRH agonists, e.g. EnantoneGyn®, Zoladex®



About this Treatment

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GnRH analogues are a hormone treatment in which the natural GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) is replaced by a synthetic, ineffective one. This causes the brain to stop producing the body's own effective GnRH, which in turn decreases estrogen production in the ovaries. Due to the lack of estrogen, the monthly mucous membrane is no longer built up and subsequently there is no longer any menstruation. The effect: the body is put into a menopause-like situation. 

Hormones and Endo: If symptoms such as pain and cramps are prominent, hormones may be used to treat endometriosis. Since endometriosis foci enlarge and shrink in a hormone-dependent manner, they can be influenced by hormones just like menstruation. 

However, if a person wants to become pregnant, hormonal treatment agents are not suitable. 

GnRH analogues have been widely used in the past to treat endometriosis. The treatment period was limited to 6 months, and after the end of therapy many patients experienced renewed symptoms. Due to the strong accompanying symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, nausea, fatigue and loss of bone substance (osteoporosis), this treatment is therefore used less and less frequently and only after detailed consideration.

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