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Excision Laparoscopy



About this Treatment

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During laparoscopy, the doctor inserts a small optical examination device called an endoscope into the pelvic or abdominal cavity to examine the internal organs. The operation is performed under anesthesia. Special instruments allow samples to be taken for fine tissue or microbiological examination. 

The laparoscopy is performed when a view of the internal organs is required, e.g. in the case of unclear symptoms in the abdomen and pelvis, in the case of ovarian cysts or also in the clarification of an unwanted childlessness - and of course for the detection and treatment of endometriosis. It is currently the only way to diagnose endometriosis.

In addition to diagnosis, laparoscopic surgery is also possible in the same procedure. The goal is to remove the visible endometriosis lesions as completely as possible. In ablation, endometriosis lesions are burned off the tissue, while in excision they are cut out, which is often more sustainable. In any case, only experienced experts should perform the surgery in order to apply the best solution for the patient in each situation. 

FemXX Note: Most of the FemXX Endo-fighters have already had one or more laparoscopies. In most (but not all) cases, such surgical therapy results in a significant improvement in symptoms. However, only visible tissue can be removed, which means that there are patients who experience symptoms again in the years following surgery. Feel free to read through the helpful articles further down the page and through the profiles of your fellow fighters.

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