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Anti-inflammatory diet



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Die Hauptbestandteile der Endometriosebehandlung sind Operation, Hormontherapie und multimodale Schmerztherapie. Es gibt jedoch Studien, die zeigen, dass die richtige Ernährung bei Endometriose zu einem verbesserten Wohlbefinden und weniger stark ausgeprägten Symptomen führt.

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According to its name, an anti-inflammatory diet is intended to counteract inflammation in the body. The menu includes fresh vegetables and fruit, fish and nuts. Foods that promote inflammation, such as sugar, white flour, meat and certain fats, should be reduced as much as possible. Despite limited research on the impact of diet on endometriosis, many patients report that a good diet leads to improved well-being and less severe symptoms. A kind FemXX reminder: Any restrictions should be in proportion to the possible health improvement. If you find it really difficult to give up certain foods, and at the same time are unsure about the positive effect of your diet on your Endo, consider consulting your doctor or nutrition coach again. Endo-fighters often have to live under enough restrictions, adding another one should not be done without reason!

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