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Stress & Endo  

More stress, more Endo pain. More pain, more stress. Let's talk about how to break this vicious cycle.

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Endo & Sex

The majority of Endo fighters experience painful sex. We are talking about how to deal with Endo in intimate relationships.

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Our Endo Heros

Endo Experts who listen, care and respect. Recommended by other Endo-fighters.


Endo Blog:

Read the story about Anna who found complementary treatments for her Endometriosis through community reviews.
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5 things you should know about endo in LGBTQ+ individuals and what can be done to lessen the stigma.
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Resource Hub

Chronic disease patients often find themselves spending a huge amount of time researching the internet for helpful resources, becoming more and more expert on the way. We want to help you get there quicker. Check out the resources we have put together for you.

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